Tableau Starter Pack: Useful Resources

Tableau is a great data visualisation and exploration tool, and there are a vast set of resources out there to help get you using it comfortably. Below are the top resources I recommend to people getting started on their Tableau journey, all in one convenient place. Click on a title to jump to a section: Learning, Inspiration or Community.


Tableau online training

  • Accessible written and video training guides on using Tableau. It covers the basics but also more advanced stuff, so you can always return here when you feel you need a knowledge boost.

Tableau forums

  • If you ever get stuck, Google it. Chances are you’ll be directed to this very helpful and active forum ran by Tableau.

Tableau public

  • Learning by doing” is a great approach with Tableau. Being active using Tableau Public and making dashboards with public data sets gets you out of your comfort zone and learn new skills


Follow Tableau Zen Masters

  • These guys are picked by Tableau to represent the best of the best, both in their capabilities using Tableau products but also their engagement with its community
    • Follow them on Twitter, Tableau Public and check out their websites to see some amazing content and tips
    • Use this Find-a-Zen tool to easily find their content

Datasaurus-Rex website & YouTube channel

  • My website aims to make data visualisation fun and informative, with a mix of Tableau tips, Tableau Public dashboards and career advice
  • My YouTube channel does the same thing as my website, but with short edited videos to help you out – subscribe to see the latest videos

Viz of the Day

  • Each day Tableau picks the best Tableau Public dashboards from the internet and shares them in their gallery
    • Not only do you get inspired from other peoples awesome ideas, but you can also download the workbooks and learn how they made them!

Makeover Monday

  • The Makover Monday project is a weekly occurence where a community try and improve a public data viz – more details here
    • This helps you easily find good data sets, without the data preparation
    • You also get great feedback from the organisers and see how others approached the same task


Tableau User Groups (TUGs)

  • A local group of users who get together to talk and share all things Tableau related.


  • All the cool kids are on Twitter, which explains why loads of the Tableau community are on it – making it super easy to follow and stay engaged with everyone

Tableau events

  • These are great resources to learn from others via talks or Tableau help desks. Also a great place to expand your Tableau network and grow that knowledge & support base

Did this starter pack help you, or do you have more resources I could add to this list? Get in touch or leave a comment below!


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