LearnTableauTableau Starter Pack: Useful Resources

Tableau Starter Pack: Useful Resources

Tableau is a great data visualisation and exploration tool, and there are a vast set of resources out there to help get you using it comfortably. Below are the top resources I recommend to people getting started on their Tableau journey, all in one convenient place. Click on a title to jump to a section: Learning, Inspiration or Community.



  • Tableau online training
    • Accessible written and video training guides on using Tableau. It covers the basics but also more advanced stuff, so you can always return here when you feel you need a knowledge boost.
  • Tableau forums
    • If you ever get stuck, Google it. Chances are you’ll be directed to this very helpful and active forum ran by Tableau.
    • Your question has most likely already been asked and answered here
    • If not, here are some tips to help ensure your question is answered quickly and effectively.
  • Tableau public
    • Learning by doing” is a great approach with Tableau. Being active using Tableau Public and making dashboards with public data sets gets you out of your comfort zone and learn new skills
    • If you need more convincing, see how using Tableau Public can help your career


  • Follow Tableau Zen Masters
    • These guys are picked by Tableau to represent the best of the best, both in their capabilities using Tableau products but also their engagement with its community
    • Follow them on Twitter, Tableau Public and check out their websites to see some amazing content and tips
    • Use this Find-a-Zen tool to easily find their content
  • Datasaurus-Rex website & YouTube channel
    • My website aims to make data visualisation fun and informative, with a mix of Tableau tips, Tableau Public dashboards and career advice
    • My YouTube channel does the same thing as my website, but with short edited videos to help you out – subscribe to see the latest videos
  • Viz of the Day
    • Each day Tableau picks the best Tableau Public dashboards from the internet and shares them in their gallery
    • Not only do you get inspired from other peoples awesome ideas, but you can also download the workbooks and learn how they made them!
  • Makeover Monday
    • The Makover Monday project is a weekly occurence where a community try and improve a public data viz – more details here
    • This helps you easily find good data sets, without the data preparation
    • You also get great feedback from the organisers and see how others approached the same task


  • Tableau User Groups (TUGs)
    • A local group of users who get together to talk and share all things Tableau related.
    • Usually a great resource for support and networking.
    • See what we do in the Singapore TUG that I run
  • Twitter
    • All the cool kids are on Twitter, which explains why loads of the Tableau community are on it – making it super easy to follow and stay engaged with everyone
    • Why not follow me to get yourself started?
  • Tableau events
    • These are great resources to learn from others via talks or Tableau help desks. Also a great place to expand your Tableau network and grow that knowledge & support base

Did this starter pack help you, or do you have more resources I could add to this list? Get in touch or leave a comment below!



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