Hello friends! I'm David. I'm an 📊 analyst, 👨‍🏫 trainer, 🎬 YouTuber and 🎙️ podcaster. I enjoy teaching data visualization to everyone by making it fun and accessible.

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Sharing my decades of experience with you on Tableau, Data Studio, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Excel and general tips on being an analyst at work.

Data visualizations that I have come across and written about, designed to educate and inspire.

Sharing my many tips and tools that I have built to save you time both at work and in your personal lives.

Explore and be inspired by all of the creative data visualizations I have made so far.

Listen and be inspired by top members of the data visualization community as we discuss some of their amazing works and experiences.

A showcase of the many excellent communities and initiatives in the data visualization ecosystem.