2018 wrap up

2018 has been quite the year for me both from a personal and professional perspective. A lot of things happened to me that I am grateful for and have learned a lot from. The main highlights being:

Looking back on these 2018 highlights helps puts things in perspective and helps you reflect a lot. Otherwise you run the risk of just keeping your head down and barreling into the next year without a clear sense of accomplishment, and more importantly without a clear sense of direction. I highly encourage you all to take the 5 minutes needed to do this for both your personal and professional lives, as you’ll really hit the ground running in 2019.

As for my 2019, I’ve set some high level goals that resonate with me and where I’d like to be by the end of this year. They mainly focus on carrying on doing what I love, with a little bit of self improvement tossed in for good measure:

  • Losing 15kg (33lb) – by eating better and exercising (up from the 0% I do now). You can track my progress here in this Data Studio dashboard
  • Keep learning new things – this could be anything really; more video production techniques, python, cooking, writing. Do you have any recommendations?
  • Carry on teaching and helping others – both inside and outside of work, I want to continue helping others progress on their data analytics and visualisation journey. This will be through direct training sessions or mentorship alongside supporting the wider global community online or at conferences.
  • Make more content – for both this website and YouTube, to get the 15+ years of knowledge and experience out of my head and into other people’s at scale, so they can benefit sooner and learn from the mistakes I’ve made without actually making them :) If you would like me to cover anything in particular, get in touch.

Will I achieve all of these goals? I sure hope so. But even if I achieve some of them, at least I know the direction I want to go in 2019 and tried my best. I just hope the reasons for not having the time to do all of them are good ones…

What are your 2018 achievement and things to be thankful for, along with your 2019 goals? Let me know in the comments below.


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