Google Data Studio has a wonderful feature called Community Connectors, which I’ll talk about in more detail in another post. The basic premise is, with a bit of technical and API know-how, anyone can create their own data sets to connect to, and then allow others to connect using their accounts.

A newly released one that caught my eye was the Google Fit connector. I use the Google Fit app on my phone to track my steps, activity time and weight – but I’m not a big fan of how the app natively visualises the data.

But with the connector and Data Studio, I can build a dashboard to view the data on my terms and make it accessible to me wherever I am (one click and I can see it in my mobile browser). See the embedded dashboard below:

At the top I have some summary metrics and sparklines to track my immediate activity and progress. Below that are monthly aggregated figures, compared to the same period last year to see how I’m benchmarking against past activity. Lastly on the right hand side table enables me to work towards reaching my 90 minutes walking a day goal.

Have you used Data Studio’s community connectors yet? Would you like a copy of the dashboard above with your own Google Fit data in? Let me know in the comments below!

P.s. don’t be too worried about me being nearly 100kg at the time of me posting this. I’m 6’8″/2m tall, so my BMI is still ok, but I could definitely benefit from losing 5-10kg.


  1. It’s amazing, thank’s for the post,

    I created a personalized dashboard but i’m missing my BPM from google fit. Is there a war to add it?

    Thank you,


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