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DDOS attacks visualised

You may of heard f DDOS attacks in the news in recent years. They’re basically designed to overload a websites servers with the sheer brute force of pinging location on it.

It’s hard to understand an attack like this, but using Logstalgia, you can easily visualise the information coming from it. On the left is a typical flow of traffic, and on the right is the focussed high volume of a DDOS attack.

Normal traffic                                                            DDOS Attack traffic

Show in this manner the concept of DDOS-ing is easily understood by an audience with limited or no technical background, and is a great example of conveying complex information or data simply.

It also helps web developers spot traffic and usage patterns which might not be spotted when looking at a conventional data table, as this tackles quantity, time and location clearly in one place.

Have you seen other cool and interesting ways to represent complex data? I’d like to hear, so email me at [email protected]

Source: via Motherboard


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