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A matter of (time) perspective

Have you eve felt like the day has dragged on and seemed like forever? To help put things into perspective, I recommend that you go here and check out this wonderful interactive infographic about where today lies the grand scheme of things; Here Is Today.

It does an amazing job of conveying the relative size of one day compared to a month, a millennium, an epoch etc. (though anything past a year and it’s just one pixel wide). Apart from it’s simplicity and clarity of the message it is trying to convey, the user interaction is the icing on the cake; they can go at their own pace, fuel their curiosity  to find out more and more effectively get the message across.


On a side note, considering that fish, insects, reptiles and other mammals have had a massive head start on us, it’s quite inspiring to see what humans have acheived in a relatively short space of time.

Source: Whitevinyl


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