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Data Chomp 02

Welcome to Data Chomp! A weekly bitesize video series from Datasaurus-Rex, aiming to bring you 3 great data visualisations from around the web each week.

You can check out the video above to see me covering each one; briefly discussing why they’re good, what insights we can glean from them and any recommendations to enhance them further. For more details check out each one below:

Digital Attack Map

  • Positives
    • Shows scale of each attack
    • User friendly interface to find insights
    • Clear legend handles complexity of topic
  • Insights
    • How big the largest attack was on October 26-7 2016 compared to others
    • Most popular target country for attacks is the United States
  • Suggestions
    • Enhance explanation box to better educate newcomers to topic and viz
    • Add links to news articles for key events for better context

Codebase – Millions of lines of code


  • Positives
    • Clear introduction to explain purpose of viz
    • Handles the various scales of the Y axis well
    • Good comparisons between different items e.g. software and organic
  • Insights
    • All of Google’s code is 20 times bigger than the second largest code base
    • The rapid growth and complexity of code in the last 50 years
  • Suggestions
    • Should visually represent line of code for human DNA, not just text
    • Freeze top of chart so colour legend is seem whilst scrolling. Easy to forget what each colour represents

Unemployment in America, Mapped Over Time


  • Positives
    • Powerful and emotive way to convey the unemployment trend over time
    • Get a sense of which geographic areas were most affected
    • Looks very organic, like a virus spreading across the country. Reinforces negative connotations of subject matter
  • Insights
    • How bad the global financial crisis affected employment during the late 2000s
    • No location was safe from the crisis i.e. everywhere turns black, especially in 2008 and 2011
  • Suggestions
    • This could have been more effectively conveyed with a simple line graph (but they acknowledge that in their post. It’s just not as fun)
      Or add an animate a line graph at the top get the best of both worlds.



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