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Dashboarding with Google Data Studio

Following on from my most popular video to date, Don’t be a Data Monkey, I’ve been asked to demonstrate how you can approach automated reporting and dashboard building.

Thankfully I was asked to speak at a Singapore Digital (Web) Analytics Wednesday recently and developed a presentation to answer just that using Google Data Studio. I’ve recorded a video version of that presentation to share with you all as well, so I hope it helps you as much as it did the live audience :)

Find the video above, the presentation below and the Example Data Studio Dashboard here.

If you have any questions be sure to get in touch. I cover the topics such as:

  • Your analysts hidden role as a UX designer
  • How having multiple data sources (done correctly) can add massive value to your company by better understanding and responding to the market
  • How building these dashboards doesn’t have to be hard (or expensive!)
  • And many more..

Lastly, these principles can be applied to other dashboard and reporting tools, but in this case I used Google’s Data Studio as I’ve been meaning to play around with it more as it develops.

Have fun bringing all of your data sources together in a meaningful holistic dashboard!


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