LearnBe A Better Analyst#1 reason why you should care about Data Viz

#1 reason why you should care about Data Viz

I’ve taught many a course on data visualization throughout my career, but the number one thing I try and instill in people is why should you care about it? It’s all well and good being taught techniques and approaches to making good data vizzes, but if you don’t address a persons need or want to do it, things undermines things massively.

To help with that, I’ve made this short animated video to feed the need for peoples desire to invest those 5 minutes into an important data visualization they want to do well with.

It is also the debut for DataBot-9000! I’ve made him to help make the educational content I make more fun and engaging. Instead of having my ugly mug on screen or just a souless mouse moving on the screen, DataBot-9000 will help bring things to life a whole lot more. It’s also fun to learn how to create and animate it :) If you have any suggestions for it, let me know in the comments below.


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