InspirationShowcaseFootball Player Transfers in 60 seconds (1900-2013)

Football Player Transfers in 60 seconds (1900-2013)

Even though the concept of men and women moving sphere(s) across grass doesn’t grab me, the staggering salaries the professional players have in these sports does.

Mac Bryla of EyeSeeData has done a wonderful job of visualising the Football/Soccer transfers for over 100 years, showing where the transfers occur between each country and for how much money they go for. Check out the 60 second video below:

If you’d like to see and interactive with the visualisation online using Tableau Public, click here. It’s interesting to see that even Football/Soccer was affected by World War I and II (apart from Austria transferring a player or two to Germany, but that might have been under duress for obvious reasons).

With the 2012/2013 season racking up over $2.5bn (US) just going to player transfer fees alone, not including their salaries, it’s amazing how sustainable this kind of thing is. But that might be for another infographic…


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