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Size Comparison of EVERYTHING

Ever wondered how big a human is in comparison to the U.S.S. Enterprise, an Ultralisk to the Sydney Opera House or any other combination of non-ficticious and fictitious entities?

Well now your curiosity can be satisfied, thanks to this great comparison chart by Lexinator117. It’s been meticulously researched, with only dimensions for creatures and constructs that can be verified.

Click here to see the full sized version
Click here to see the full sized version

A lot of work seems to have gone into this, and it really shows. The viewer can easily see the scale of each item and the silhouettes help reduce the noise of the otherwise eclectic colours these items could display.

My only minor criticisms would be the small size of the font under each item; even at the largest resolution it’s hard to read, and there’s definitely space to increase its size.
Also it lacks an easy reference chart within the infographic and number of each item for easy reference and locating. The details are on the website itself, but it would have been better if it was in the top left corner of the image.

Can you see any interesting comparisons here, or think something is missing? Let us know of the Datasaurus-Rex Official Facbook Page!


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