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Undertale Monster Data Viz

Undertale, the smash hit indie video game from Toby Fox, that took the Internet by storm this year. Proving that a good story and endearing characters trump graphics any day of the week. I wanted to create an interactive viz to honour this great game, so I looked at what stats I could use to fuel it. But before you continue, I strongly suggest you go and play the game for yourself, as there could be potential spoilers ahead.

Below you can explore the strength, defence and hp of all of the monsters within the game. You can also filter by their location and whether or not they are a boss or not. Finally, hover your mouse over them for their description and tips on how to pacify them (because you’re not a monster). I hope this viz filled you with DETERMINATION , and if you’d like to see more be sure to sign up to the mailing list. You’ll get monthly updates on what I make.


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