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Prank via data visualisation

Prank infographicThis post differs slightly; not looking at how a medium can help convey data, but conceal it instead, to get your intended message across.

In this example, the message happened to be a prank in the shape of a Rick Roll. After seeing the service Chocogram used in the office for Valentines day, I thought to myself “How can I use it for evil?”
Sure, I could have just emailed the link to the target and been done with it. But the chances of the message being opened, read and remembered would have been greatly diminished.

Click on the image to see a large version of the prank. It’s a perfect example of demonstrating how lateral thinking can lead to finding the perfect medium to ensure your conveyed message is read and understood. Remember that the next time you’re having trouble trying to convey your data to an audience.

My workmate was having a crappy week too, so putting a smile on his face was a big bonus too.

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