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Pokemon GO Spawn Rate Data Viz

Despite being able to resist the temptation of Pokemon Go so far, I still wanted to help out my friends who are playing it quite a bit.

So I found a data source that would be quite useful to most people; one that tells you the spawn % chance for each Pokemon and the other that tells you the time of day that each Pokemon’s spawn chance is the highest. 

I’m leveraging two cool new features from Tableau 10 for this viz; the first one is it’s native connection to Google Sheets, so the data stays up to date. The second feature is responsive dashboard layouts – so the data viz looks good on any device you’re using, whether is be on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Big thanks to PokemonGoHub for collecting the data and making it available to everyone. Currently they’re displaying the data in a big giant table with no ability to interact or filter it, which is why I made my data viz, to enhance the data. According to their data, these times are aligned to your timezone, so no need to convert anything.

So I hope this helps a few of you out in improving your chances in capturing the Pokemon you still need to capture. Sadly not sightings of Ditto, Mew or Mewtwo yet…



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