GalleryGlobal Nuclear Detonations 1945-2009

Global Nuclear Detonations 1945-2009

Given all of the positive news surrounding Iran nuclear talks, I wanted to dive into the history of nuclear detonations around the world. After finding it nearly impossible to find a holistic data set around this, I decided to collate and then animate my own. After nearly a days worth of finding, validating, cleaning and collating the data from various sources on the internet I finally created this.

The collated data can be found by clicking here, so feel free to use it to make your own visualisations and also not go through the hassle of finding a collated and easy to use data source on the internet. Below you can interact with a Tableau Public dashboard and explore the data more by clicking on a detonation location and playing with the slider to move back and forth through time.

I’ll perform a follow up post actually analysing this data using the tool I’ve built, as there are some interesting things I’ve noticed already. Feel free to share this video, follow me on Facebook and ask me questions around this post at datasaurus.rex[at]



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