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Hodor by the numbers

Hodor, an often overlooked character in Game of Thrones, but one of my personal favorites.

So I’ve decided to give him some data visualization love, by tracking how many times he says the only word he can through the TV show; Hodor. After scraping every bit of script text to date, I discovered he’s only said the line 60 times during the 6 seasons! That wouldn’t make for a very good data viz, so I decided to visualize the data in a slightly different way, which you can see below:
Game of Thrones spoilers below

It’s my first time making one of this word cloud art things, so it’s not perfect. But you know what, neither was Hodor but he found a way into our hearts nonetheless. Let me know what you think in the comments below and be sure to check out my Game of Thrones data viz, tracking every death in the show for you to explore!


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