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Data Studio Update Tracker

Did you know, since launching back in 2016, Google Data Studio keeps getting updated – with 124 product updates so far?

They update this public online document each time they launch stuff, so for today’s session I’ve built a dashboard (in Data Studio) to better visualise this progress and also make it easier to filter and search the updates to the things you care about. Check it out here or see it below as you can now embed your dashboards :)

To help highlight these new features, I’m going to start making regular videos that focus on and break down these product updates on this playlist. This means you can easily stay up to date on new Data Studio features as they come out, but also see how they work and what they can do for you with live examples. I’ll be going through their back catalogue of product updates too, focusing on the most helpful and interesting ones for everyone.

So be sure to subscribe to this playlist and keep up to date on all of these Data Studio updates as they come in.



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