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Explore all of the data visualizations I have made to date in this gallery. Use the filters to hone in on what you want to explore.

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Google Data Studio
  • Game of Thrones Interactive Viz MkIII
  • Google Fit Data Studio Dashboard
  • Find-a-Zen dashboard (2019 update)
  • Australian Prime Minister Term Duration Dashboard
  • Food Combo Reaction Chart
  • YouTube Partner Program Eligibility Tracker Dashboard
  • SG Tableau User Group Information Dashboard
  • #MakeoverMonday - Week 01 2018
  • Doctor Who: By The Numbers
  • Makeover Monday - Week 51 2017
  • Data Studio Update Tracker
  • Who uses what date format?
  • Avocado Toast House Deposit Calculator
  • Meet the Tableau Zen Masters 2016/2017
  • Games Done Quick donations dashboard – Tableau
  • Games Done Quick donations dashboard - Google Data Studio
  • I became a Tableau Zen Master!
  • Pokemon GO Spawn Rate
    Pokemon GO Spawn Rate Data Viz
  • By the Numbers: Game of Thones - Battle of the Bastards
  • Universal Truths: Coffee Order Syllables
  • Universal Truths: Mentioning Partners
  • Hodor by the numbers
  • Doom Data Visualization
  • Sean Bean Survival Calculator
  • Game of Thrones Interactive Viz MkII
  • Undertale Monster Data Viz
  • "Making it Rain" Money Calculator
  • Qi Scoring Demystified?
  • US Mass Shootings - Viz & Videos
  • Game Grumps Interactive Infographic
  • Game of Thrones Deaths Visualization
  • Harry Potter Actions Visualisation
  • Time Lapse Calculator
  • Featured-Image Singapore Dengue Map
    Singapore Dengue Fever Tableau Map
  • Featured-Image-TF2-heavy
    Team Fortress 2 Interactive Infographic
  • Featured-Image-cat-years
    Cat Year Calculator
  • Air plane crash
    Global Airplane Crash Data
  • Optimisation time savings tool
  • TED Talks Word Cloud
  • An ode to Tufte
  • Animated Tableau
  • Global Nuclear Detonations 1945-2009
  • Nutritionanlysis (an interactive food nutrition tool)
  • Simple data collection leads to good things
  • Dog year calculator
  • Prank via data visualisation
  • Pizza pie (chart)
  • Fix the small stuff (XKCD update)