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Singapore + Data = Smart Nation

In the new year I’ll be moving to Singapore, and as luck would have it Singapore has big plans around big data, it’s visualisation and analysis. A perfect home for Datasaurus-Rex! Singapore has some unique characteristics that make it perfect for enabling data to improve itself:

  1. A healthy GDP
    So it can act quickly and at scale on data driven insights
  2. Relatively small land mass
    Perfect for reducing the complexities and idiosyncrasies that lead to errors in national data collection
  3. Leading communication and technology infrastructure
    Able to easily, quickly and accurately collect and distribute data

The Singapore government’s data site, data.gov.sg, has a wealth of publicly available information, in useful formats and levels of granularity. I’ll be getting stuck into these over the next few months, so be sure to check back often to see what I come up with. Equally, if you have any ideas or suggestions, please submit them here.


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