GallerySimple data collection leads to good things

Simple data collection leads to good things

Whilst I specialise getting a message across visually using infographics and other forms of data visualisation, the spoken word is an equally important medium for doing this. This is why I am the leader of the Yahoo! Australia Toastmaster club; to constantly improve the public speaking skills of myself and others.

I decided to create a simple tracking and reporting process for the club and its members, using Tableau Public. This allows us to easily track performance and role assignment over time. The data capture and entry take less than 2 minutes for each meeting.

A member can easily see if their average umms & errs per minute fall over time as their skill and confidence improve, or on how well they are at sticking to a time limit for each activity. It’s also a easy way to keep members interested and engaged in the club, as they return to better themselves and see visible results for their efforts.

As you can see, I’m not doing too bad staying under 2.5 umms & errs per minute, but II’ll be happy if get it down to 1.

This is just another example of the great insights and outputs you can achieve, if you streamline the data capturing and entry processes and place robust and dynamic reports on top of them.

Have you done something similar for a club you’re in? Let me know on the official Datasaurus-Rex Facebook page.


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